In our very first edition of 8DAO Chat, we speak with Daniel Lui of Startbahn.

January 2023

Major events in the Web3 world and milestones for 8DAO in 2022.

November 2022

In a shocking turn of events, one of Crypto's largest exchanges collapses spectacularly.
New policies unveiled are set to transform Hong Kong into a digital asset hub.

October 2022

Azuki Introduces the Physical Backed Token
Could NFTs help in bridging the gap between physical and digital?

September 2022

As the crypto winter rages on, VC investors continue betting big on the top NFT projects.
Within one day of the sale, the floor price rose to around 2 ETH from only cost gas fees to purchase one, and on August 29th the floor price once rose…

August 2022

While the rest of the NFT market is in the doldrums, one collection, "Pudgy Penguins", is bucking the trend, recording a surge in trading volume.
According to statistics from, the total market cap of NFTs has been continuously increasing from 23.9B and 24.3B during this week, which is…
OFAC claims the mixing service has been used for money laundering and other illegal purposes.